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North Star Charity

Thank you for your interest in North Star.

Established in 2016, North Star is a Bristol based charity with an aim to advance Women's Health, Medical Research and Training.

Application to Charity Commission is in progress and registration number is soon awaited.

All proceeds from our courses go to North Star Charity. Your course fee payment is directly made to the charity.
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Health Research
1. Award of grant and funding for gynaecology and gynaecological cancer research

2. Organise events to share and reward excellence in gynaecological research
Education and Training
1.Training and education events for gynaecology trainees doctors, professionals and GPs

2. Award of bursary to learn new knowledge, training and development of new clinical skills in gynaecology
Lifestyle Promotion
1. Promote and fund public awareness campaign related to lifestyle and gynaecological cancer risk

2. Organise health and lifestyle promotion events for gynaecological cancer survivors

3. Promote cervical cancer screening and vaccination


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